Meet Jamie Sawyer, our new Policy and Operations Lead. Jamie is a force — the moment you meet her, you like her, and once you get to know her, you can’t help but respect all that she has accomplished. Jamie is taking on this brand-new role at GetInsured with the know-how and enthusiasm that can only come from someone who is truly passionate about the Affordable Care Act, all that it has done, and all that it can do for folks across the country. 

As Policy and Operations lead, Jamie will be analyzing federal policy changes and how they impact current (and even potential) state clients. She will also streamline federal rule change business requirements for client analysis and implementation (basically she’s making everyone’s lives easier from a policy perspective). So, let’s get to know the girl behind the analysis a bit better.  


What did you do before GetInsured? 

I always had an interest in business (I hold a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Business Administration and Psychology, as well as an Associates in Business Management), and after working for social services in the Nevada Department of Welfare’s Medicaid eligibility unit, my love of healthcare policy was ignited. Putting these two together led me to the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Nevada Health Link), where I spent the last five years. It was there that I really cut my teeth on the inner workings of state-based marketplaces and how much federal and state policy drive every aspect of the exchange. I was able to work with and learn from some of the brightest minds in the state-based exchange business. During this time, I also completed a Master of Studies in Law with a focus on healthcare.  

What attracted you to GetInsured? 

I wanted to take the next step. I saw firsthand the huge impact Nevada Health Link had on Nevadans and I wanted to be able to affect change for even more people. Don’t get me wrong, my heart beats for Nevada, but at GetInsured I have the opportunity to make a difference across several states, instead of just one. I’m passionate about healthcare policy and how it gets implemented at the state level; now I can make these changes easier on our clients and help more Americans access affordable coverage.  

Where do you see the greatest opportunities to make an impact at the Company? 

I believe I can really make policy change implementations easier on our clients. I spent a lot of time at Nevada Health Link working on some pretty technical back-end stuff, so I have a solid understanding of what makes an exchange run. Since the Biden Administration took office, there have been several policy changes that have really impacted how state-based marketplaces operate and we anticipate there will be more in the years ahead. I can take these new policies, break them down, and with my operations experience, create plans and strategies to make implementations of any future changes easier on everyone involved.   

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love to hike. That’s one of the many benefits of living in a place like Nevada — lots of places to hike. I have two small children who also enjoy hiking, so it’s a great way to spend quality time with them.  

What is one interesting thing about you that many people don’t know? 

Psychology has always been a major interest of mine and the study of it has given me the ability to further expand my knowledge of human behavior.