GetInsured’s Consumer Support Center has been running call centers for our public and private sector customers for more than fifteen years. Each solution is part of GetInsured’s core technology and service offerings, have been approved by CMS for deployment in other states, and are in use across our state-based marketplaces, where we have enrolled consumers in more than three million plans to-date. Thus, we are able to provide our existing, proven, fully built-out and operational call center solutions with additional dedicated resources. 

Why use the GetInsured Customer Support Center Solution?

  • Our consumer support center uses our own platform: Our consumer support center uses our own GetInsured platform. The platform is mature, is being used in whole or in part by eight state-based marketplaces successfully and does not just meet the requirements of state-based marketplaces, but includes years of improvements that allow state-based marketplaces to operate efficiently.
  • Our consumer support center is built out and fully operational today: We have been running consumer support centers for our public and private sector customers for over a decade, allowing state-based marketplaces the convenience of not building a new center, but using GetInsured’s existing, proven, fully built-out operational center with additional dedicated resources. Our consumer support center solutions are based on our analysis of individual state-marketplace needs, providing unique operational leverage in using both our technology and our consumer support center together, because our personnel are already trained and well versed on our technologies.
  • One end-to-end vendor option: GetInsured has the unique ability to collectively provide states with the option of an “all-in-one” solution, including both a technology platform and a consumer support center from one vendor. This minimizes any risk of gaps or “balls dropped” in the space between two vendors with differing responsibilities and commitments. 
  • Turnkey, Low-Risk, A+ Team: We understand that there are other vendors in the market who are solely in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business with dozens of call centers and thousands of employees. Our team is much smaller, with most members having 7-10 years of insurance experience as well as hands-on experience with our tools, enrolling members in ACA plans. This is our customer support operations’ specialty.

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