Health Policy

How ACA Coverage Spans Generations

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Throughout U.S. history, health care has undergone significant transformations, both in its practices and the way it is perceived. These changes have been driven by advancements in medical knowledge, technology,

Native American Heritage Month

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Native American Heritage Month, observed in November, celebrates the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Native American and Alaska Native communities (also known as American Indian and Alaska

News Recap: Week of June 26

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States are continuing to disenroll Medicaid recipients at a staggering rate, with a large percentage of those losing their coverage still eligible for the program. While the Medicaid redetermination process

State-Based Exchange Benefits: Easy Enrollment

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It’s April, which means it’s tax time. An increasing number of people aren’t just thinking about their tax refunds, they’re thinking about health insurance. That’s because Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,