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SBM Build-Out Timeline

There are critical activities that must be completed when looking to build a State-Based Marketplace. Below is a quick look at some of these.

Shopping on State-Based Marketplaces

Want to check out the state exchanges anonymously? Try one of the scenarios below:

Female, 54
Takes one prescription medication:

  • Prozac (brand name or generic)

Male, 55
Takes three prescription medications:

  • Lipitor (brand name or generic)
  • Prilosec (brand name or generic)
  • Xiidra (only brand name available)

Governor Letters Requesting an SBM

Governors are required to send a letter to CMS noting their intention to transition to a state-based marketplace. These are the publicly available letters that can be used as a model for future state letters.






State-Based Marketplace Blueprint

A “Blueprint”  is a document in which your state tells CMS a little about how you intend to build out and operate your exchange.

State-Based Exchange Cash Flow Illustration

SBE Cash Flow Illustration

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) & 1332 Waiver Guidance

Here you’ll find the actual text from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which is often shortened to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You can also find the latest guidance on how to utilize 1332 waivers.

Market Studies, Webinars & Additional Resources

How do state-based exchanges affect local health insurance markets? Below are some resources to help you consider how an SBM may impact your state.

State-Based Marketplace Vendors & Key Organizations

There are experienced vendors who can help you each step of the way in your transition to a state-based marketplace.

Organizations assisting with the operation and formation of SBMs:

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