State-Based Marketplaces

Consumer-friendly, low-risk, financially sustainable solutions for states.

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Unparalleled plan shopping experience

GetInsured has been providing states with market-leading solutions since the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Through California alone, our flagship state, we have helped to process more than five million enrollments. Our experience spans implementations in eight state-based marketplaces across the country, making us the leader in state-based marketplace technology.

Modular State-Based Marketplace

Our state-based marketplace platform provides SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-based and COTS (Commercial-Off-the-Shelf) technology solutions to states that have opted to build their own health insurance marketplaces instead of using the federal exchange, GetInsured’s COTS exchange platform powers the nation’s most successful state-based exchanges and can be deployed quickly and efficiently to meet the unique needs of any state.

While we offer a complete end-to-end solution for states, we also offer powerful modular tools which include our award-winning Consumer Decision Support Tool, Plan Management, Enrollment Reconciliation, SEP Verification, and Consumer, Agent/Agency and Insurer Portals.

Call Center Automation Services

GetInsured has been running consumer assistance centers for our public and private sector customers for more than ten years now. We are pioneering the development of bots to automate routine call center tasks. These bots improve call center efficiencies and effectiveness, while improving customer experience and resolving customer issues.

Call Compliance Manager
Call Compliance Manager harnesses the power of AI to automate call listening and problem identification, greatly increasing efficiency. Call centers can review more calls while drastically reducing expenditure.

Password Reset Bot
GetInsured has rolled out a Password Reset Bot in the Your Health Idaho State Based Exchange, resulting in reduced call volume to the call center and improved customer experience.

1095 Notice Generator

Prescription Data Management

Only 23% of part-time workers have access to medical coverage. We make it easy for employers to connect part-time employees with instant access to federal tax credits and quality health insurance options that may save them thousands of dollars each year. In fact, part-time employees who enroll through GetInsured paid an average premium of just $100 or less.

As the employer, you win too. Offering the added the benefit of health insurance enrollment assistance can help you attract and keep better talent and stay competitive in your market.

Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE)-as-a-Service

Increasingly, States are taking control over their own destiny and building a State-Based Marketplace (SBM), lowering costs to the state in the process. EDE is an important step in that direction. It provides states with an alternative to relying partly or even entirely on the FFM. The process of moving to a State-Based Marketplace may be gradual, and a number of states started the process by taking over vital functions such as plan management. Enhanced Direct Enrollment provides additional opportunity to control the eligibility determination functions. Contact us to learn more.

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