News Recap: Week of April 3

By |2023-04-07T14:12:04-04:00Friday, April 7, 2023|

As of last Saturday, state agencies were allowed to begin removing people from Medicaid who no longer qualify for the program – something they have been barred from doing since

News Recap: Week of March 13

By |2023-03-17T15:37:09-04:00Friday, March 17, 2023|

According to a new survey of state officials from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), an estimated 15 million people may drop off Medicaid rolls over the next year as states

News Recap: Week of February 6

By |2023-02-10T13:35:42-05:00Friday, February 10, 2023|

Last week, the Biden administration announced that it will end the federal Covid-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) on May 11. Sources close to the White House say that the administration

What is Medicaid redetermination?

By |2023-02-08T07:25:55-05:00Wednesday, February 8, 2023|

Maybe you've noticed that Medicaid has been in the news a lot lately as continuous coverage under the COVID Public Health Emergency (PHE) comes to an end. Let’s take a

News Recap: Week of January 30

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In a statement from the Office of Management and Budget, the Biden Administration announced that it will end the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) on May 11. The statement