GetInsured is a market leader deploying SaaS technology to enroll Americans in health insurance. Below is a look at some of the benefits of leveraging SaaS technology to bridge gaps in government healthcare IT.

Product Based, Not Project Based

  • One common technology platform   
  • A common cloud hosting infrastructure 
  • core solution with a set of common base system capabilities/user flows/system functions/features that are offered and needed by everyone 
  • A robust product roadmap that advances the core solution each year for the benefit of all customers 
  • Shared features enable each client to benefit from other clients’ experiences 
  • Leverage with common development and test effort across all customers, increased agility and stability 
  • Modern stack 
  • Keeps pace with technology evolution 
  • Standards based APIs for easy integration with external systems

Strong Support and SLAs

  • A base set of SLAs for all clients, with an ability for each client to have specific SLAs depending on their unique client needs 
  • Dedicated technical support tailored to each client 
  • Strong privacy and security 
  • Uncompromising data privacy and security conforming to best practices and compliance requirements 
  • Clean separation of data in keeping with compliance standards 

Simple Customization

  • The ability for each client to make choices through configuration for optional system features 
  • A common set of business rules and validations with an ability for each client to make choices such as what rules to apply, what thresholds/limits to use, which programs the rules apply to
  • Choices available to clients on the look and feel of the user interface solution, notifications and text on the notifications
  • The flexibility for each client to also do their own analytics and reporting beyond the common reports that are made available to all clients 
  • Clients can request and implement features that may be unique to them 
  • A set of optional services available to clients such as integrated call center/customer support services, business process outsourcing, human centered design, agile coaching and transition services 

The Most Up-To-Date System, Always

  • Periodic software releases to comply with common new federal rules, federal reporting, changing or new data exchange standards 
  • A common platform for clients to report issues (tickets) through resolution 
  • A common facilitated collaboration platform for clients to share ideas and identify product improvements and enhancements 
  • Evergreen warranty for fixing bugs, including security patches 

Winning Solution 

  • Clients benefit from:
    • Shared costs
    • Shared development and testing results in improved quality 
    • The experiences of other customers 
  • Customized branding, messaging, and features where needed 

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