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The website (the “Site”) provides a wide variety of information on healthcare insurance, subsidies providers by the U.S. Government under the new Affordable Care Act (ACA), and allows users to look for quotes for insurance services.

Your use of the content and the services provided on is subject to different legal terms. We also provide related legal information that is required from companies that operate in the insurance market.

Terms and Conditions
The general rules concerning the use of are found in the Terms and Conditions. This document tells you what you can or cannot do while using the Site.

For example, we explain that the content that we provide, while it is freely available, is nevertheless our valuable intellectual property, and should not be misappropriated. Thus as a condition to allowing visitors to use the Site at no cost to them, we require that they commit to not copy our intellectual property or to frame it into a third party site.

Privacy Notice
We will collect a variety of personal information from you when you visit our site. Some information may be provided by your browser, and it is collected automatically. This happens on most websites.

You will also provide directly some information when you respond to questionnaires, so that we can help you with your insurance needs, or guide you on how to obtain insurance.

Our Privacy Notice explains how we collect this personal information, how we protect it, and what we do with it. It also informs you of your rights with respect to your personal information.

Terms of the GetInsured Service
Some of our visitors may, in addition to browsing through, elect to ask us questions about the Healthcare Reform that is resulting from the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, or if you wish our assistance to find an insurance company that can address your needs.

In this case, we act as an insurance broker, where our role is solely to introduce you to entities that can assist you. Our Terms of the GetInsured Service set forth the legal conditions under which we are providing the service.

Insurance Disclosures
The Insurance Disclosures document provides a list of the licenses that we have obtained from the various States to have the right to act as insurance brokers or otherwise provide some of the services that are offered to you from the website.

Community Terms and Conditions
Some of our visitors may wish to share comments and questions on our blog posts, expert answers, and other content. Any comments made by visitors are subject to our Community Terms and Conditions.