Dawn Hughan is our VP of Product Management and is responsible for delivering a compliant product that balances the needs of all our clients and stakeholders, as well as managing the product roadmap for future product growth. With more than 25 years of experience in the software industry, including over 15 years in product management and an extensive background in customer experience design, usability testing, and information design, Dawn excels at managing for big picture outcomes while keeping track of the details.  

A big part of Dawn’s role at GetInsured is ensuring that various clients’ specific needs are understood and incorporated into the future product plans. To that end, Dawn manages the quarterly roadmap process that is used to prioritize and plan product improvements. Each quarter, Dawn and her team meet with state clients to present the near and longer-term roadmaps, answer questions, and get feedback.  

“The state clients I’ve worked with have all been mission focused and dedicated to helping their residents get healthcare coverage. While the clients all have that similar goal, their needs, and the way they work can differ significantly depending on the size and tenure of the exchange, the experience of the individuals involved, and the priorities of the specific state. We have to meet each client where they are and adjust how we work with them accordingly.” 

Given her frequent interaction with state clients, Dawn has a great line of sight into what may be coming down the road as far as state product innovations.  

“I see states looking for new and deeper ways to engage with their residents to bring them into the Marketplace and to insure they’re getting the help and support they need throughout the application and enrollment experience. This may take the form of new programs that use state tax forms as entry points into the eligibility process or new tools for consumers who have limited access to the internet except on their mobile phones.” 

Outside of Dawn’s VP role, her favorite way to relax is by being outside on a warm, sunny day. Being based in California, luckily, she has ample opportunity to do that. She spends a lot of her free time gardening, bird watching, walking, biking, and hiking. But Dawn is also very much about continuing education as well.

“I’ve recently been learning more about formal decision-analysis methodologies to use for decisions that involve many variables and constraints. These methods can be useful for making tradeoffs and analyzing risk.”

Dawn’s more than eight years of exchange experience, determination to constantly improve the product, and her drive to always be learning, make her one of GetInsured’s resident experts and an asset to each of our state clients.