I’m sure you’ve been inundated with emails and posts about the novel coronavirus. While I don’t want to add them, it’s important to me, and to everyone at GetInsured, that you know we are still working regularly to provide on-time delivery and outstanding support. Saying “business-as-usual” has taken on new meaning in these times, but we are adjusting to the new normal and I wanted to personally share with you that we are committed to you and our partnership.

GetInsured is at the center of the first highly affected COVID-19 areas, and we have taken the health of our employees very seriously from the early days of this pandemic. To minimize our employees’ exposure, from the onset, we had asked any employee showing any signs of illness to work from home until they were symptom-free. We also restricted any non-essential business travel at that time.

Effective March 12, as the situation was escalating, we asked all employees in Mountain View and Dallas to work remotely — even before the San Francisco area was put under the shelter-in-place order. We have provided our employees and contractors with data-secure, fully-functional remote workstations at home. We have also provided them with training on remote-support tools and data security. We’ve been communicating daily with our staff ensuring that all projects are moving forward as planned.

In regards to our call center, Wednesday, March 25, our Call Center Agents and Customer Support personnel began working from home. Due to the variables outside of our control, we’ve had to accelerate this process by almost 48 hours and have been able to respond seamlessly due to prior planning.

The following measures as outlined in the GetInsured Virtual Office Policy and Business Continuity Plan have been deployed:

  • Virtual desktop environment that disables all ports, local printing, and saving of data;
  • Wired Internet connectivity ensuring all GetInsured systems can only be accessed from the designated work from home location across a secure VPN connection;
  • Work environment checklist to ensure HIPAA policies and best practices inclusive of continual recording of all calls and clean desk policies limiting access to that of the employee only;
  • IT support for data-secure, full function remote work stations;
  • Management support/access through chat, email and telephony whisper support; and
  • Restricted access outside of agent business hours

This pandemic is truly awful. But as is my nature, I’ve been continuing to find the positives that have arisen. We’ve found that the GetInsured team is stronger and closer than ever. Everyone has really come together to lend a helping hand when needed, to provide assistance and guidance to others, and everyone has stayed very committed to their roles. Rest assured GetInsured will maintain the business continuity of all our clients and the consumers we are privileged to serve day in and day out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Chini Krishnan