This week, four years ago, marks when the World Health Organization formally declared COVID-19 a pandemic. A period characterized by uncertainty and challenges, the health care landscape witnessed remarkable resilience and adaptability. Significant policy adjustments and ongoing health care initiatives played a pivotal role in ensuring access to essential health coverage for millions of Americans, which culminated in this year’s record-breaking open enrollment period.  

We wanted to take a moment to share the incredible achievements of our state clients during the recent open enrollment period for plan year 2024. With over 21 million individuals enrolling for coverage, we have reached record levels of enrollment for the third consecutive year under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

These numbers can be attributed partly to significant policy adjustments in 2023. As the COVID-19 pandemic came to an end, Medicaid’s continuous enrollment, which was enacted during the crisis, concluded, leading to the disenrollment of millions of Americans. However, thanks to the extension of enhanced tax credits through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), those who lost Medicaid coverage had the opportunity to seek affordable coverage on the exchanges. Additionally, the resolution of the “family glitch” expanded federal subsidies to millions of family members, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds. 

  • Last year, Your Health Idaho, Idaho’s health insurance marketplace, transitioned to a modern real-time eligibility system that delivers tax credit results in seconds and entails tight integration and collaboration with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. This tight integration was critical to the state’s 31% conversion rate of Idahoans moving from Medicaid to a marketplace plan during unwinding. 
  • Virginia’s Health Insurance Marketplace, in its inaugural year, experienced a nearly 14% increase in enrollments, with over 400,000 Virginians signing up for coverage. This increase is an example of how state-specific marketing and outreach available to state-based exchanges helps to grow enrollment. 
  • The Minnesota exchange, MNsure, which is also planning to upgrade its eligibility system next year, increased enrollment by 12%, enrolling more than 135,000 consumers.  
  • Nevada Health Link announced that 99,312 Nevadans enrolled in health insurance plans, making it the second-highest total in the state’s history.  
  • Washington Health Benefit Exchange also achieved exceptional results, with more than 272,494 Washingtonians renewing or signing up for health insurance plans—an 18% increase over last year.  
  • Pennsylvania’s state-based exchange, Pennie®, reported an impressive figure of nearly 435,000 enrollees, representing a significant 17% increase compared to the previous year. 
  • Get Covered New Jersey enrolled more than 366,000 New Jersey residents in the first nine weeks of the Open Enrollment Period that started on November 1, 2023. As of week nine, overall plan selection totals were already at an all-time high and were up 14 percent compared to the same time period last year. The state of New Jersey offers residents access to additional premium savings through a state subsidy program only available through Get Covered New Jersey. 
  • Georgia Access, which operated this year as a state-based exchange on the Federal platform (SBE-FP) as it transitions to a full state-based exchange, saw a 33% increase in enrollment 

The increased enrollment volume was also reflected in the GetInsured Consumer Assistance Center, where our dedicated team handled 560,000 calls during the open enrollment period. Despite the higher call volumes, our average wait times remained below 30 seconds, and the overall consumer satisfaction rating for the open enrollment period reached an impressive 94%. 

As policy changes continue to shape the healthcare landscape, we are committed to adapting our platform and consumer assistance center to meet the evolving needs of both states and individuals.