“Easy.” We often hear from our customers that our  e-commerce platform for health insurance exchanges is “easy to navigate” and “easy to use.” From a client services standpoint, this is music to our ears. Health insurance is complicated. We want our customers to feel confident throughout their shopping experience on our Marketplace, and we want them to feel comfortable returning to the site at any time to access their insurance information.

Employers gravitate towards our private exchange model because we make it easy for them to review, update, and make changes on the platform themselves. One of the best resources we provide benefit administrators with is the “Employer User Guide,” which outlines all tasks that benefit administrators can perform before they contact the Array Health Support team for help. A few examples of these tasks include adding an employee, canceling a policy, and downloading a coverage census.

For employees, we have developed several tools they can consult before they go online to shop. The “Employee Welcome Letter” instructs how to set up an account, while the “Open Enrollment Packet” explains benefits through plan summaries and a plan comparison grid. Employees have their own “User Guide” located on their employee dashboard, which takes them through each step of the enrollment process from start to finish.

The Client Services Team is constantly evaluating how we can make the experience easier for our customers. When questions and feedback come, we prioritize the needs, map out feature requests, and communicate with development on what must be changed in order to make the platform as user-friendly as possible. It’s challenging and time-consuming, but worth every minute especially when our clients say that we should be the ones running the government exchange!