Earlier this week, we announced that the Company is expanding to include satellite locations on the east coast. The east coast team will be led by Amit Dhawan, who oversees account management and client success. This seemed like a great time to get to know Amit a little better. 

Since 2013, Amit has implemented and managed operations of many successful state-based marketplaces for Individuals including Colorado, Massachusetts, New Mexico (a win he is especially proud of), and New Jersey and small business exchanges for Arkansas and CMS Federal exchange. 

Behind Amit’s successes is his eagerness to constantly learn. In fact, it’s the number one principle that has guided him through ups and downs of his career — learn something new every day. “Monotony just bores me to death. Every change I’ve made in my life, career or otherwise, has been primarily to encourage growth and expand my knowledge base.” 

Amit has taken challenges encountered in his career as learning experiences that helped him develop more as a professional, rather than let any setbacks deter him. It’s this drive—and track record for growing businesses—that brought Amit to GetInsured. 

“GetInsured is a mid-sized company with great potential to grow,” he notes. “I have been part of many start-ups and have contributed to their growth in becoming multi-billion dollar businesses, I strongly feel that GetInsured has great potential and I can definitely make an impact here.”

His love of strategy and mental stimulation extends into life outside of the office. Amit has two children, 17 and 14, and the entire family has a love for strategy games. 

“It also gives us the opportunity to sit down and talk with each other, which makes this time together especially meaningful.” 

Amit also started a cricket team through volunteering at his children’s school. The league has grown to include five schools with about 16 teams. A US cricket team is in the works. 

Favorite Quote: “If you can’t fly, then run; If you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl; But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.