Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), states have the option of operating their health insurance exchange on the Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE or healthcare.gov), setting up a State-Based Exchange (SBE), or using a blended model known as a State-based Exchange-Federal Platform (SBE-FP). As states seek to control costs and retain funding within their borders while gaining more local policy control, they are moving from the FFE and SBE-FP models to setting up their own exchanges (SBEs). 

These implementations come with a unique set of technological opportunities. States must consider that the technology that powers their exchanges will need to respond to policy and regulatory changes, state-specific requirements, desired integrations with state systems, data ownership, security mandates, and of course, budget constraints both for the initial implementation and ongoing maintenance. 

The choice of a technology platform for State-Based Exchanges is one of the most consequential decisions a state will need to make to ensure it will meet its policy and budget goals. 

GetInsured is, and has always been, dedicated to making health insurance accessible to all Americans using technology. We have revolutionized the public health care IT sector with our SaaS-based IT platform, and we are the leading provider of State-Based Exchange technology. That experience matters, especially when it comes to data migration. 

Choosing an inexperienced vendor poses considerable risks that can slow, or even stall, the successful data migration process for states transitioning to a state-based health exchange. Lack of experience can lead to delays, errors in data migration, compatibility issues with existing systems, and inadequate support for consumers navigating the new platform. Additionally, inexperienced vendors may struggle to anticipate and address regulatory complexities or compliance requirements unique to State-Based Exchanges. By prioritizing experience and proven successes, states can mitigate these risks and ensure a seamless transition to their state-based health insurance exchange. GetInsured has an exemplary and consistent track record of migrations from both the FFE to SBE and from vendor to vendor.

The GetInsured State-Based Exchange Platform 

Our SaaS technology platform offers the inherent advantages of affordability, interoperability, and ease of implementation. Highly modular and flexible, the 

platform can easily be configured to accommodate policy priorities. Its highly flexible interface-driven model allows us to seamlessly integrate with State exchange carriers, and local and federal data sources. Powerful data analysis and plan recommendation capabilities enable consumers to more effectively compare and enroll in health plan options that are the best fit. With a code base shared across our state exchange customers, our platform embodies all the combined learnings and best practices. 

Our award-winning user experience for all stakeholders delivers the most consumer-focused and efficient platform. Seamless integration between our technology platform and Consumer Assistance Center (CAC) promotes efficient sharing and development of tools, workflows, and knowledge base for a high-performing solution that is focused on a superior user experience and higher customer satisfaction. 

By leveraging the GetInsured solution, states can focus their efforts on how to best use a State-Based Exchange in their market instead of focusing on design, development, and maintenance activities. Expertise and compliance are automatically built into the platform, which in turn frees up internal capacity to focus on other technology, ops, and policy challenges. We offer:  

  • A proven full-featured State-Based Exchange technology platform 
  • Expertise with data migration and an on-time implementation track record 
  • Extensive experience with Account Transfer to integrate with State Medicaid Agencies 
  • A proven consumer assistance center and pre-integrated technology with our platform, or the ability to support a third-party call center 
  • An elite team that has implemented multiple State-Based Exchanges 
  • Industry-leading experience in Medicaid integrations, and eligibility systems 
  • A low-risk, predictable cost structure with allocated hours for ongoing improvements 
  • A flexible eligibility and enrollment system can be customized to best suit a state’s needs to provide a streamlined and superior consumer experience 
  • Solutions for all exchange stakeholders and their respective ecosystems: agencies, brokers, navigators, carriers, and customer service representatives 

In the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS providers, the choice of a vendor plays a pivotal role in the successful transition to a state-based health exchange. Selecting the ideal partner is crucial to leverage technology effectively, as vendors serve as essential collaborators in driving operational efficiencies, fostering innovation, and enhancing customer experiences. Aligning with a vendor that understands the organization’s goals and consistently delivers quality solutions is paramount in laying the groundwork for sustained success.