Were you surprised when UnitedHealth Group announced in November 2015 that they are evaluating their continued participation in the public exchange markets in 2017? Probably not. After losing millions of dollars on the public exchanges, many health insurers are now reconsidering that particular sales channel. So what options do health insurers have?  One attractive option is to shift Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) from public to insurer-led private exchanges, which will strengthen their position in the individual market.
During our webinar on March 30, we will talk with industry leaders at Independence Blue Cross and GetInsured to hear what they’ve learned over the past three years and why it’s time for health insurers to rethink how they market their QHPs. Listen to the experts talk about trends they have witnessed and how they have adapted to changing realities by registering here for the webinar.
Lessons Learned on Public Exchanges – Health Insurers Consider Private Exchanges for QHPs [Webinar]
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to drive change and disruption and its full impact keeps evolving year to year. Especially in the individual health plan market, many insurers have suffered debilitating financial losses, while others are adapting in ways that enable them to fare better.
The health insurance market, especially for individual health plans, will likely be tumultuous for some time, but insurers still have a tremendous opportunity for growth. As the impacts of the ACA unfold, insurers can move decisively to implement e-commerce sales and marketing approaches that improve target marketing and member-for-life engagement. With insurer-led private exchanges, insurers can shift sales of QHPs away from the public exchanges and strengthen their position in the individual market.
The following industry leaders will share their insights during the “Why It’s Time to Rethink Marketing for Individual Health Plans” webinar on March 30:

  • Koleen Cavanaugh, Director, Consumer Marketing and Member Experience, Independence Blue Cross
  • Scott Osler, SVP of Business Development, GetInsured
  • Lance Hood, VP of Marketing, Array Health

The webinar begins at 2PM ET/ 11AM PST. Looking forward to your participation!