GetInsured was a pioneering participant in the early CMS discussions on how to best build an EDE pathway. Now, as a leader in Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE), CMS invited us to be a part of a panel discussion detailing the differences between Direct Enrollment and Enhanced Direct Enrollment, and why the latter is beneficial for brokers, agents, and consumers. Just what is Enhanced Direct Enrollment? It’s a pathway that eliminates the need to bounce back and forth between a health insurance enrollment site and

The panel also discusses added tools EDE allows companies like GetInsured to bring to the market like 1095 creation, direct life change updates, and uploading eligibility documents.

GetInsured’s SVP of Broker Business, Chris Linville joins Dean Mohs, CMS, Director, Division of Small Business and Agent/Broker Innovation; Dan Hughes, Managing Director of Sales, Softheon; and George Kalogeropoulos, CEO, HealthSherpa.

Learn more about EDE and all of its benefits by watching the video below.