On November 1, the open enrollment period for 2020 healthcare coverage officially kicked off in many states nationwide, including Nevada and Minnesota – two states in which GetInsured is modernizing the process for signing up for health insurance.

In Nevada, GetInsured created a unique, “exchange-in-a-box” solution to help Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Exchange transition from the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM), or  healthcare.gov. In doing so, the company established a clear model for other states to become a State-Based Exchange (SBE). Switching to a SBE is a practical option for many states, given the cost savings involved and the ability to have autonomy over the state health insurance market.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, GetInsured successfully upgraded the technology for Minnesota’s health insurance exchange, known as MNsure, including its enrollment and back-end record-keeping functionality. The new technology increases operational efficiency and improves the overall shopping experience for Minnesotans seeking health coverage.

After Nevada’s transition and Minnesota’s technology upgrade, both exchanges are benefitting from streamlined operations, enabling Nevada Health Link and MNsure to manage the healthcare enrollments of their constituents more effectively and efficiently.

GetInsured has the largest state-based marketplace footprint – in addition to Nevada and Minnesota, GetInsured provides the state exchange platform technology to California, Idaho and decision support tools for Washington State exchange. While millions of people in these states benefit from better shopping experience, better enrollment processing and faster access to care, other states have the opportunity to establish strong, sustainable and consumer-friendly exchanges powered by GetInsured technology.

We look forward to continuing our mission to help those seeking coverage for medical needs, in whichever state they reside. To learn how GetInsured can help your state, contact hello@getinsured.com.