At GetInsured, we take pride in providing cutting-edge mailroom services designed to not only meet but exceed the needs of our state clients. Our tested and true inbound and outbound mailroom vendor partners, ibml and The Master’s Touch, have demonstrated their capabilities in handling large-scale and customizable mail operations in multiple states, including Nevada, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Together, they create HIPAA-compliant integrated mailroom services built on a foundation of trust and excellence, where precision and promptness are paramount. Whether consumers prefer U.S. mail or electronic transmissions, our platform securely and efficiently updates consumer accounts, complete with a logo for a branded touch. 

How it Works 

The GetInsured platform fully integrates mailroom services, creating a seamless solution that tracks all incoming and outgoing mail, and ibml handles over 17,000 pieces of mail per year for our clients, representing over 100,000 pages of consumer correspondence successfully scanned and uploaded to consumer accounts.  

Each day, couriers pick up mail from the exchange’s P.O. box and ibml opens each envelope and scan the contents using technologies like optical character recognition (OCR). Intelligent-capture software then reliably captures, classifies, extracts, validates, and exports information from any paper and fax documents. The intelligent indexing system then processes, digitizes, and accurately links all inbound documents into the GetInsured Technology Platform via the Consumer Portal via Robotic Automation Processing (RPA).  

Personalized Processes 

Working with the GetInsured technology platform, The Master’s Touch generates a unique identification number/barcode for every outbound mail piece, which is then used as a reference for returned mail or responses to document submissions. When a consumer returns necessary documents, their unique barcode allows iGetInsured to efficiently and accurately route their mailing to their account for timely processing. Most important of all, these seamless processes help consumers secure and maintain eligibility of coverage. 

Accessible Communications 

Everyone, regardless of their digital literacy or access to technology, can communicate with the exchange. Verification documents can be submitted by the consumer, through an independent agent, directly to the Consumer Portal, or by traditional mail or fax. Documents sent through the mail or via fax will be digitized as PDFs, uploaded to the consumer’s account, and made available to the contact center for review. 

Easy and Efficient Document Verifications 

One of the most significant tasks for consumers is verifying documents to be submitted to the exchange. On average, about one-third of enrollees submit documents for verification during open enrollment. Agents, brokers, or navigators can streamline this document verification process by entering and uploading verification documents through our platform. This advancement enables the platform to automatically process a wide range of document types with high accuracy, reducing the need for manual intervention and helping consumers promptly obtain coverage. 

Revolutionizing Document Management Processes 

At GetInsured, our commitment to end-to-end support for managing mail and documents sets us apart. We are dedicated to revolutionizing document management, offering sophisticated automated mail-handling capabilities, top-tier security measures, and unparalleled customer service. Learn more about how we are redefining the future of mailroom services.