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News Recap: Week of June 26

By |2023-07-02T17:09:45-04:00Sunday, July 2, 2023|

States are continuing to disenroll Medicaid recipients at a staggering rate, with a large percentage of those losing their coverage still eligible for the program. While the Medicaid redetermination process

News Recap: Week of June 19

By |2023-06-23T15:21:24-04:00Friday, June 23, 2023|

According to recent data, an estimated 1.5 million people have already lost their healthcare coverage since Medicaid redeterminations resumed on April 1. A majority of those were dropped due to

News Recap: Week of May 22

By |2023-05-26T11:51:34-04:00Friday, May 26, 2023|

Across the country, state Medicaid programs are redetermining the eligibility of an estimated 90 million beneficiaries. As experts predicted, new data from the states who have begun the redetermination process

News Recap: Week of May 8

By |2023-05-12T15:43:42-04:00Friday, May 12, 2023|

Under legislation passed by House Republicans last week, able-bodied adults ages 19 to 55 who don’t have children or other dependents would be required to work in exchange for enrollment

State-Based Exchange Benefits: Easy Enrollment

By |2023-04-24T12:28:53-04:00Monday, April 24, 2023|

It’s April, which means it’s tax time. An increasing number of people aren’t just thinking about their tax refunds, they’re thinking about health insurance. That’s because Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,

News Recap: Week of April 17

By |2023-04-24T11:19:33-04:00Monday, April 24, 2023|

Now that the Medicaid continuous coverage provision has come to an end and redeterminations have resumed, states are now faced with the daunting administrative undertaking of checking whether all the