In early March 2022, GetInsured conducted a Medical Debt Survey to get a sense of where Americans stood in relation to medical debt two years into the pandemic. While uninsured rates are down, many still claim that health insurance premiums are too expensive. Despite record-level enrollments and enhanced premiums subsidies, still more than half of those uninsured are not aware of the cost-savings available to them. Here’s a look at the survey results:

Do you have health insurance?

If you answered no, why do you not have health insurance?

Where did you enroll for coverage?

Did you have coverage prior to COVID?

If you’re enrolled in Medicaid, are you aware that you will be required to
undergo a renewal process in the coming months to determine if you are
still eligible?

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Survey Monkey on behalf of GetInsured in March 2020 among 404 adults ages 18 or older. Sample size, calculated by Survey Monkey based on state population, allowed for statistically significant responses. The sample size was based on 95% accuracy (with a 5% margin of error). Results were not balanced or weighted for age, gender, race/ethnicity, income, and education. Respondents for this survey were selected by Survey Monkey from among those who have agreed to participate in online surveys and have not been authenticated.