Just days ahead of the end of Open Enrollment in many states, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced where 2023 enrollment numbers stand. Since open enrollment began on November 1, 2022 (apart from Idaho, which began October 15), just under 16 million people have selected a marketplace plan (a 13 percent increase over this week last year). These numbers show a positive uptick in enrollment across the country, likely due to federal and state-level policies designed to provide enhanced financial assistance to consumers and increased spending on marketing and outreach. 

Highlights of the announcement include: 

  • 15.9 million people have selected an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace health plan 
  • Total plan selections include 3.1 million people (20% of total) who are new to the Marketplaces for 2023
  • 12.8 million people (80% of total) who had active 2022 coverage and selected a plan for 2023 coverage or were automatically re-enrolled
  • 1.8 million more people have signed up for health insurance over this time last year 

The largest gains seen are in states that did not expand Medicaid (non-expansion states) such as Texas (21%), Georgia (17%), Florida and North Carolina (both at 14%) for example. Some states are seeing flat or negative enrollment levels; it’s possible that the public health emergency (PHE), which is still in effect, has had an impact on enrollment, since millions of Medicaid recipients remain covered who may otherwise qualify for exchange coverage.  

For those looking to enroll in 2023 coverage, there is still time. In most states, the enrollment period ends on January 15—two more days to enroll.  

Below are some exceptions: 

State  Deadline 
California  1/31/23 
D.C.  1/31/23 
Idaho  12/15/22 
Massachusetts  1/23/23 
New Jersey  1/31/23 
New York  1/31/23