At GetInsured we care deeply that health insurance should be affordable and accessible for all. We believe that families shouldn’t suffer the financial ramifications of choosing an unsuitable plan because they found insurance jargon to be indecipherable. Every day 79,000,000 Americans choose between paying their medical bills and basic needs like food and shelter(1).

Last year, we teamed up with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit organization, to locate and purchase medical debt. This opportunity allowed us to help people who are insolvent due to medical debt, those who earn less than two times the federal poverty limit, and those who have spent more than five percent of their gross income on medical bills. Our first debt buys relieved some of the residents in California, Minnesota, and Nevada of their medical debt.

This year, the personal and financial impacts of the COVID pandemic have been hard and relentless, putting people in precarious positions when it comes to healthcare and its associated costs. With the help of RIP Medical Debt we were able to retire $1.8 million of medical debt in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and another $1.6 million in the State of New Jersey. For some residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we were, at least, able to bring a little bit of light in this hard year. 

There is still time left this year to enroll in a health insurance plan that is both affordable and suits your needs to protect yourself from devastating medical bills. California, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington State exchanges leverage our decision support tools which help make choosing the best plan simple. If you live outside of those states or if  you’re not sure which plan to select, local navigators can assist, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. So, this holiday season, stay safe, stay healthy, and last but not least, get insured. 


(1) RIP Medical Debt