GetInsured is a proud sponsor of RIP Medical Debt’s 2020 Medical Debt Summit. The virtual event is taking place Tuesday, October 6th.

Since 2019, GetInsured has worked to abolish medical debt for Americans across the country. Most recently, GetInsured eradicated more than $1.6 million of medical debt in the State of New Jersey. To-date, GetInsured has retired nearly $7M of debt in California, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

In the spirit of the company’s mission, partnering with RIP Medical Debt has enabled hundreds of families to put medical debt behind them and start fresh, with the hope that they can then find coverage that is both affordable and is sufficient for their needs.

“Medical debt is an issue of tremendous consequence, as we know that it can drive middle and working class families into poverty,” said Chini Krishnan, GetInsured co-founder and CEO. “While the root causes of medical debt undoubtedly need to be addressed by policymakers, our mission, as a company, is to make sure everyone has access to affordable, quality healthcare with a health plan that best suits their needs and helps to avoid adding financial burden.”

GetInsured looks forward to a continued partnership with RIP Medical Debt, especially now, in the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis.