Insurance License Information and Disclosures:

Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured acts as an insurance agency or broker on behalf of certain insurance companies under the licenses listed by state below.  Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured is not an insurance company.  Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured presents information for the purpose of helping users of its website determine what coverage may be best for them and provides free unlimited quotes to simplify comparison-shopping for insurance.

Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured is paid commissions and may receive other performance-based compensation for its services, the amount of which varies by insurance carrier and may be based on the type or amount of insurance coverage sold, insurance carrier selected, amount of premiums paid, and volume of profitability of policies we sold for a particular insurance carrier.  You may obtain further information about compensation we expect to receive for your purchase of an insurance policy from us and compensation we would expect to receive for the sale of an insurance policy from the other insurers whose quotes we present to you.

Any insurance plans are from insurance companies and other licensed insurance-related providers and not Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured or its affiliates.  The information and descriptions contained on this website are not intended to be complete descriptions of the terms, exclusions and conditions of coverage applicable to any insurance plans or services.  Please refer to the actual insurance policy or the relevant product or services agreement for complete terms, exclusions and conditions.  Should you purchase an insurance plan or service, the terms and conditions applicable to that transaction will govern such purchase, and the use of this website does not affect that purchase in any manner.  Not all insurance products and services are available in all states.  Rates are subject to change.

The products we offer are for United States residents only in the states in which Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured is a licensed insurance agency or broker.  We do not intend, nor should anything on our website be construed as an attempt to conduct commerce outside the United States or in any state in which the Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured is not licensed to sell insurance.

Vimo, Inc. dba GetInsured conducts insurance transactions in the following states under the insurance agency/broker licenses listed below:

Vimo, Inc. (dba GetInsured) 1305 Terra Bella Mountain View, CA 94043
GetInsured 2500 Cumberland Parkway, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30339
GetInsured 2550 West Union Hills Drive, Suite 200 Phoenix, AZ 85027
State    License     
AK      72939AL       A304563AR      333664

AZ       868734

CA      0F15755

CO      274146

CT       2307877

DC      2836232

DE       1043467

FL       L080521

GA      117031

HI        358856

IA        1001003523

State    License
ID        AL139946IL        100314801IN        38287

KS       870745172

KY      679495

LA       415271

MA      1902947

MD      10007192

ME      AGN129077

MI       79379

MN      40134543

MO      AG8022527

MS      10005122

State    License
MT      698987NC    1000030842ND      0020295018

NE       368100

NH      2034581

NJ        1073314

NM      10004138

NV      610759

NY      1104148

OH      37997

OK      10005286

OR      819320

PA       476222

State    License
RI        2089735SC       167663SD       10005318

TN       00005231

TX       1533754

UT       243948

VA      116403

VT       601090

WA     703403

WI       2483086

WV     0100110058

WY     175496