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GetInsured provides the most comprehensive solution for insurers to modernize their enrollment processes and scale membership. Our solutions help you modernize enrollment, deploy a branded private exchange or drive into full ecommerce with a broad product shelf.

The Array Health® ecommerce platform supports all insurer lines of business. It provides a brilliant consumer experience for shopping and enrollment with solutions that integrate employers and brokers. Backend functionalty is just as important. That’s why our solutions can offer billing and payment processing needed for insurer ecommerce.




As enrollment teams strive to streamline operations while processing growing volumes of enrollments, modernizing the entire process is key. The GetInsured online enrollment solution, built upon the Array Health® ecommerce platform, helps insurers eliminate the unnecessary costs and delays associated with enrollment processing and ongoing management. The results are faster enrollment processing, fewer errors, more accurate provider payments, significantly lower costs, and improved member, provider and benefit administrator satisfaction.

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As consumers take more ownership of their healthcare spending, many health insurers view a well-designed, insurer-led private exchange as critical to building their brand and cultivating member-for-life relationships. The GetInsured private exchange solution, built upon the Array Health® ecommerce platform, enables health insurers to offer a broad range of medical and voluntary products to consumers across all commercial business with a seamless e-commerce experience for shopping, enrollment, billing, payment and ongoing administration.

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