Brokers face a wide variety of challenges in the ever changing landscape of insurance, shrinking annual enrollment periods, confusing quoting options, and complicated enrollment processes.

Our solution gives brokers the ability to stay ahead with a simple, efficient platform that allows for quick quoting and enrollment of Health, Medicare, Medicare Supplement, Life, and Ancillary plans. Allowing brokers to focus on what they do best, help clients.

The GetInsured quoting and enrollment solution, Benefit Geek, allows brokers to seamlessly link with carriers and eliminating the costly, time consuming process of using separate single carrier enrollment portals and manual paper applications. In addition to quoting and enrollment, Benefit Geek supplies brokers with a branded client facing site (CFS) which customers can be driven to self-serve quotes and enroll in plans without broker assistance.

The modular platform allows for quick, personalized set up which is easily scalable according to the specific needs of the broker. Our solution offers real time visualization of key performance indicators such as individual agent performance, overall brokerage performance, premium sold, projected commissions, touchpoint age, and client and enrollment volume.

Robust reporting allows brokers to track every client from start to finish we also provide tools to assist with client support needs after the sale. Combined with a best-in-class support staff and live transfer leads available directly on the platform our solution truly is the first of its kind available to brokers in the Health, Medicare, Medicare Supplement, Life, and Ancillary space.

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