Opt Out

If you want to opt out from receiving marketing communications, or if you want to revoke any prior authorization you have given to receive such communications, please complete and submit an opt-out request form below.  Please note that if you are looking to apply for or enroll in insurance coverage through an Exchange, you cannot opt out of providing personal identifiable information. 

    Delete Information – You may request that we amend, correct, substitute, or delete Insurance Information maintained and/or stored by us if you believe that it is not accurate, timely, complete, relevant, or necessary to accomplish our services. To do so, please let us know what you need, by contacting us as indicated in the How to contact us. If the requested Insurance Information is no longer available or cannot be modified or deleted using reasonably commercial means, or if the burden or expense of deleting it would be disproportionate to the risks to you, we may deny your request and we will provide you an explanation for this denial.

    Revoke authorization – If you have given to us an authorization to use or disclose your Insurance Information in a specific manner, you have the right to revoke that authorization, at any time.

    Block marketing communications – If you no longer wish to receive marketing information or communications from us or our affiliates entities, you can unsubscribe from our distribution list by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the communications that you receive from us.