BOISE, Idaho – After two highly competitive bidding processes, Your Health Idaho is one step closer to building its own technology platform. The Your Health Idaho Board approved entering into a contract with GetInsured to create the technology platform for the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange. In addition, the Board approved entering into a contract with Accenture LLP to provide day-to-day project management and risk mitigation services.

The Board’s decision to partner with GetInsured and Accenture came after a thoughtful and deliberate review process that examined the approaches, technologies and best practices used in other state and private exchanges to identify an Idaho solution that is state-controlled, secure and financially sustainable.

GetInsured and Accenture have successfully worked together on building and implementing the technology for a state-based exchange and will bring that experience to Idaho.

“I am confident the expertise of GetInsured and Accenture will be invaluable as we continue to build a health insurance exchange with Idaho’s specific needs in mind,” said Amy Dowd, executive director of Your Health Idaho.

GetInsured will be responsible for the design, development, testing and implementation of the technology platform for Your Health Idaho and provide a privacy and security expertise to help ensure the security of the technology. The Board approved a contract with GetInsured not to exceed $37,390,092 with no more than $32,566,250 being allocated to design, development and implementation and no more than $4,823,842 being allocated to maintenance and operations through December 2018.

On top of day-to-day project management, Accenture will also provide risk mitigation for the project. The Board approved a contract with Accenture for an amount not to exceed $3,372,708.

“Creating our own unique technology platform will continue to prevent federal intervention and gets Idaho closer to its goal of being a completely self-sustaining exchange,” said Your Health Idaho Board Chairman, Stephen Weeg.

From the start of open enrollment on Oct. 1, 2013 through Feb. 1, 2014, more than 32,000 Idahoans signed up for health insurance through Your Health Idaho. Open enrollment will continue through March 31, 2014.

About Your Health Idaho

Your Health Idaho was established by State law in 2013 to provide an online marketplace where Idaho families and small businesses can go to compare and purchase health insurance. Your Health Idaho is governed by an 18-member Board authorized by the Idaho Legislature to set the rules and regulations for implementing a State-based health insurance exchange.

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