New Spanish EDE application to help brokers and carriers bolster health insurance enrollment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Sept. 21, 2020 – GetInsured, a market-leading government healthcare IT provider, announced it has officially launched new Spanish-language capabilities for Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) that will enable brokers and carriers to help Spanish-speakers sign up for health insurance. GetInsured initially developed this new version of the application for Texas, where more than 10 percent of the population speaks Spanish, but the feature is being rolled out in all states operating on the federal health insurance marketplace, This comes as many states are gearing up for the start of the 2021 Open Enrollment Period. 

EDE allows consumers to obtain health insurance coverage through an approved agent or web broker without having to be redirected to This user-friendly pathway provides a more seamless enrollment experience, and GetInsured’s new Spanish-language version of the application will enable Spanish-speakers to more easily sign up for health insurance plans. 

“We are very pleased to now be able to offer carriers and brokers EDE support that will serve their Spanish-speaking communities,” said Chini Krishnan, co-founder and CEO of GetInsured. “Our goal is to ensure that all customers seeking to purchase health insurance receive the best service possible, regardless of English proficiency. With this new Spanish-language implementation, we look forward to more people completing the enrollment process and having access to health coverage.”

“Brokers are an integral part of the health insurance enrollment system,” said Chris Linville, SVP, Broker & Carrier Business of GetInsured. “With the Spanish-language implementation, we are finally giving them the chance to open the market in Texas and service the people who haven’t had access to this simplified pathway to enrollment.”

GetInsured’s EDE platform is used by thousands of brokers and carriers nationwide who operate within the federally-funded marketplace, and the Spanish version of the application has been found compliant with requirements set by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). GetInsured was initially approved by CMS to offer English-language Phase 3 EDE in July 2019.  

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