Shoppers can now take advantage of personalized recommendations from licensed agents, making enrollment simple

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — GetInsured, a leading online health insurance marketplace for consumers, today announced that it will be selling Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans starting this annual election period. This new business line allows GetInsured to assist individuals with health insurance enrollment throughout their adult life.

Those who are eligible and wish to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan, or who are currently enrolled but want to review their options, can now call GetInsured licensed agents at (888) 517-3945 for assistance during the Annual Enrollment Period which begins on October 15. GetInsured has plans available for shoppers nationwide.

“Medicare usually carries a 20 percent coinsurance for medical services,” said Sephy Hambaz, VP, Consumer Operations. “For a $200 doctor appointment, that bill isn’t so bad. But once you start to look at services such as x-rays, colonoscopies, chemotherapy and emergency room visits, that 20 percent starts to balloon very quickly—with no out-of-pocket max. This is where Medicare Advantage comes in, helping to limit financial exposure.”

More than 55.5 million people across the country are currently enrolled in Medicare. These consumers should be aware that just like other types of health insurance plans, Medicare networks, premiums and deductibles can change from year to year, so it’s important for enrollees to ensure their preferred doctors and prescriptions are still covered. The experience and knowledge of GetInsured agents can make this otherwise complex process simple for those who want to do a check up on their health plan.

The annual enrollment period for Medicare is October 15 – December 7. Licensed agents will be available seven days a week by calling at (888) 517-3945. For a full list of hours, visit:  ‎

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