GetInsured retires approximately $9M of medical debt across the United States

Since last year, GetInsured has worked to abolish medical debt for Americans across the country. Most recently, GetInsured eradicated more than $1.6 million of medical debt in the State of New Jersey. This donation comes after GetInsured’s first-ever New Jersey Resident Medical Debt Survey revealed high levels of financial anxiety when it comes to healthcare costs. New Jersey is the fourth state in which GetInsured has polled residents on this issue, and the fifth to receive a philanthropic contribution.

The Californians, Minnesotans, Nevadans, Pennsylvanians, and now New Jerseyans who were relieved of medical debt earn less than two times the federal poverty limit, and have spent more than five percent of their gross income on medical bills. In addition, they are insolvent due to medical debt, meaning they owe more due to medical expenses than assets owned.

“Medical debt is an issue of tremendous consequence, as we know that it can drive middle and working class families into poverty,” said Chini Krishnan, co-founder and CEO of GetInsured. “While the root causes of medical debt undoubtedly need to be addressed by policymakers, our mission, as a company, is to make sure everyone has access to affordable, quality healthcare with a health plan that best suits their needs.“

GetInsured’s New Jersey Resident Medical Debt Survey

Of the types of health services leading to medical debt or financial difficulty, almost half of Pennsylvania survey respondents (44 percent) selected “emergency care” as the driver. Nearly 70 percent report receiving a medical bill for a high dollar amount that came as a surprise or was difficult to pay, while 40 percent are “very concerned” about this happening in the future.

Chini Krishnan on RIP Medical Debt

Help GetInsured end the stress of crippling medical debt for people in need across the nation.

Want to get involved? You can donate directly to RIP Medical Debt through this page. Your gift will abolish 100 times its cash value in debilitating medical debt. Fill out the donation form below to help a family in need.

How does RIP Medical Debt work?

  • Your donations allow us to purchase debt at pennies on the dollar — and forgive it, forever.

  • Using data analysis, RIP Medical Debt locates the medical debt that is most crucially in need of relief.

  • Those helped are no longer obligated to pay even a cent, and have no adverse consequences.

Why forgive Medical Debt?

RIP donations deliver an immense amount of value for your spend; $100 can forgive $10,000 in debt.

Those who benefit from our medical debt relief face no adverse consequences and will not be taxed on the gift.

The actual amount of medical debt outstanding nationwide is much higher than the reported $75 billion on credit reports. Less than 10 percent of medical debt each year is reported to the credit reporting agencies. It is estimated by RIP that approximately $1 trillion is owed by Americans, accumulated over the last 8-10 years.

RIP Medical Debt is a 501(c)(3) charity that has abolished $635 million in medical debt for over 200,000 Americans nationwide, their mission is to empower donors to forgive the billions in oppressive medical debt at pennies on the dollar.