Sophisticated technology powers all GetInsured solutions for our insurer, employer, state and consumer customers.

Proven Technology Infrastructure

We offer our customers a state-of-the-art environment so that they don’t have to worry. We remain vigilant to assure high availability, scalability, security and compliance throughout our business, as evidenced in regular practices such as SSAE-16 audits.

Unparalleled Decision Support Technology

Consumers want a natural, intuitive online shopping experience when selecting health insurance plans. Yet most people lack the understanding of common insurance terms needed to make a confident selection when presented with a wide range of options on a private exchange. GetInsured’s patent-pending SmartFit® decision support technology learns what consumers value in their health insurance in order to present the best options. Consumers can see plan options ranked using our GetInsured Plan Scores (GPS). This makes it easy for members to buy the products that best meet their needs.

Empathetic Design Approach

Most people have little to no experience shopping for insurance. It can also be intimidating. So, we believe in creating brilliant experiences for them.

To deliver on this challenge, we embrace empathetic design principles (also referred to as empathetic design) that incorporate both the physical and the emotional context for our users. Through this human-centered approach to design, we guide consumers to thoughtful, confident decisions to purchase and manage their health insurance.

Integration Platform

Our private exchange solution integrates with internal insurer systems, employer systems, and external partners, such as ancillary product providers. It supports both single and bi-directional updates. Transport methods include EDI, batch files and web services. It supports standard formats, such as a HIPAA 834 enrollment transaction, and can be configured to support custom formats as well. Throughout, the GetInsured Integration platform helps you create a seamless workflow while assuring data accuracy among the internal and external systems that are critical to your business.


GetInsured is proud to be a Web-Based Entity (WBE). That means we are authorized under the Affordable Care Act by states to provide consumers with options to purchase qualified health plans. As a Web-based entity, once eligibility is determined, GetInsured can directly enroll users in