Eight state-based exchanges trust The GetInsured Marketplace to power their health insurance marketplaces. Our SaaS solution is developed with an agile methodology as a rapidly deployed, modular, and ACA-compliant marketplace with a modern and intuitive user experience. We have proven solutions backed by a team of Silicon Valley technologists that deliver on time and on budget. In fact, GetInsured serviced more than 5MM enrollees last year alone, 79 percent of all state-based marketplace enrollments.


Our state-based marketplace platform provides SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-based and COTS (Commercial-Off-the-Shelf) technology solutions to states that have opted to build their own health insurance marketplaces instead of using the federal exchange, Healthcare.gov. GetInsured’s COTS exchange platform powers the nation’s most successful state-based exchanges and can be deployed quickly and efficiently to meet the unique needs of any state.

Eight States states – California, Connecticut, Idaho, Minnesota, New Mexico, Nevada, Mississippi and Washington – run state-based exchanges served by the GetInsured platform.


GetInsured has successfully worked with multiple state Medicaid departments to implement eligibility determination, verification, and account transfer processes, as part of our state-based marketplace solutions. GetInsured’s proven subject matter expertise was critical to building the logic for the Federal Data Service Hub (FDSH) service calls, handling FTI data and obtaining the numerous CMS, IRS, ATC and other federal authorizations in Idaho and New Mexico. We developed a strong partnership with the state Medicaid agencies to design and redesign eligibility processes based on CMS guidance. GetInsured has worked with Medicaid agencies in non-traditional ways, such as building single sign-on (SSO) functionality in Idaho and partnering with Idaho and New Mexico on remote identity proofing (RIDP).