When it comes to your private exchange, you want an experienced player on your team. That’s why you’ll be glad to know we were one of the first companies to successfully roll out insurance exchanges for both the public and private sector markets spanning multiple lines of business.

We continue to combine this experience with industry know-how to ensure that every customer is successful. From marketing to sales to supporting your customers, we’ll be right beside you every step of the way.

Implementation and Launch

We’ve implemented exchanges for four states, plus insurers and brokers across the country. Our private exchange experts are ready to help at every stage through planning, configuration, integration and launch.

Private exchanges rely on a range of information that exists inside and outside an exchange operator’s environment. Integration is the linchpin for project success. We use the GetInsured Integration Platform to incorporate product, enrollment, billing, provider and other data seamlessly into your private exchange offering.

Sales and Marketing

Building a successful private exchange business goes way beyond just implementing and operating the software. We go beyond as well. We can help train your team and your partners. Our Customer Marketing Toolkit helps you maximize sales and marketing impact with customized demo videos, value proposition checklists, communication templates and more. All of this accelerates adoption of your private exchange so that it can become a strategic contributor to your business success.

Customer Support and Account Management

Our Account Management team is a trusted partner to your business and IT teams. We know every private exchange is different, so we offer flexible support models to meet each customer’s needs. And, your dedicated GetInsured account manager will help plan your private exchange strategy to ensure that you get the most value from your investment in our products.

Consumer Service Center

As consumers engage directly with your business through a private exchange, it’s more important than ever to provide full-service support during and after enrollment. Our solution lets you integrate with your current customer service operations or opt to use our comprehensive Consumer Service Center to deliver enrollment support to consumers via multiple communication methods, including phone, chat and secure email.