An optimal consumer shopping and enrollment experience is the most critical component of a successful private exchange, according to a recent survey on the health of private exchanges. But what does an “optimal consumer experience” look like?

This webinar examines three key requirements for healthcare consumers that every health insurer needs to understand for developing the best, personalized shopping and enrollment experience:

  • Make sure your decision support approach helps, rather than hinders, your consumer experience
  • Apply the right lessons from retailing and ecommerce markets to improve the consumer experience
  • Shape the success of a consumer’s experience beyond shopping and enrollment


Attendees will hear first-hand experience from health insurers and from an expert on consumer decision-making with experience from the large retailers and Apple. Health Insurer executives and program managers responsible for consumer engagement, sales, marketing and product are encouraged to attend.

August 27 | 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT


Peg Eitl, VP of Sales and Client Management, Highmark Delaware
JoAnn Cipiti, Sales Excellence and Government Strategy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Roberta Braum, MS, MBA, Director of Product Management, Array Health

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About Array Health
Array Health is a leading provider of private insurance exchange technology. Its cloud-based software platform enables health plans of any size to deliver their own branded online exchange—a strategic channel that helps them compete and thrive. It also provides employers a new way to control costs and gives members a better way to buy benefits. Array Health is a privately held company based in Seattle.


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