Private Exchange Best Practices

Setting Up Defined Contribution Class Structures

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Employers who sponsor self-funded group health plans (as well as fully-insured employers who want to proactively comply with non-discrimination requirements) and are moving from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) funding arrangements need to decide and define how they allocate funds for employees to use. DC funding arrangements allow an employer to completely define their maximum annual spend for health benefits prior to open enrollment.

What You Need to Know When Moving to a Full Defined Contribution Funding Arrangement

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We occasionally get questions from brokers and employers about how they should setup their defined contribution funding arrangements. In a future post we'll share some of the general guidance that brokers can share with their clients. However, in this post we'll take a more technical approach, looking first at the regulations that apply to employers moving to a full defined contribution funding arrangement.

Supporting Our Customers and Theirs

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“Easy.” We often hear from our customers that MyBenefits – a private health insurance exchange software platform built by Array Health – is “easy to navigate” and “easy to use.” From a client services standpoint, this is music to our ears. Health insurance is complicated. We want our customers to feel confident throughout their shopping experience on MyBenefits and we want them to feel comfortable returning to the site at any time to access their insurance information.