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Ancillary Product Opportunities and Challenges

2018-12-12T10:46:43+00:00Wednesday, October 26, 2016|

Health insurers anticipate integration challenges for ancillary products according to 2016 Health Check Survey. Health insurers agree: Consumers want more choices for health and ancillary products. Respondents to

Private Exchange Must-Haves [Video]

2016-03-11T11:33:45+00:00Friday, March 11, 2016|

Earlier this year we excitedly announced our partnership with GetInsured. This will provide GetInsured’s individual solution on Array Health’s private exchange platform for insurer-led exchanges. By adding GetInsured’s application to

One Plus One is Greater than Two

2016-01-29T13:10:14+00:00Friday, January 29, 2016|

Last week we announced our partnership with GetInsured. Through this partnership, we will be adding GetInsured’s award-winning individual health exchange solution to our Array Spectrum® health insurance e-commerce platform. This