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We work with benefits consultants to develop individual health insurance solutions for their part-time, retiree, COBRA and other non-sponsored employee populations. Our suite of employer solutions connects employees with the health insurance coverage they deserve while helping employers reduce their healthcare costs.

Cobra Eligibles

Those who are willing to pay the high cost of COBRA often do so because they’re sick and need the coverage. With GetInsured’s COBRA replacement solution, ex-employees are transitioned from the company’s plan to the individual market, reducing an employer’s exposure to the higher-than-average claim rates typical of COBRA enrollees. Employers can offer terminated employees the option of choosing from hundreds of individual health insurance plans, saving them hundreds of dollars a month while still receiving the essential health benefits they need. GetInsured’s data shows that nearly 90% of ex-employees choose a marketplace plan vs. COBRA when given the option.


As retirees transition out of the workforce, there are health insurance options available to them that benefit both the retiree and your company. GetInsured’s internal data shows a 97% uptake of marketplace plans by pre-65 retirees who choose between off-exchange plans with employer subsidies or on-exchange plans with federal tax credits.

Shifting pre-65 retirees to a marketplace plan:

  • Relieves the burden of premium inflation for employer-sponsored group coverage
  • Reduces the cost of group plan premiums
  • Saves your company money on benefits administration
  • Provides retirees with more flexibility in retirement planning
  • Empowers employees to choose a plan best suited for their situation
  • Plus, the GetInsured solution for pre-65 retirees allows those with Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) to use the GetInsured HRA calculator to see a side-by-side comparison of costs and plan options using their HRA subsidies or available federal tax credits, to make the best financial decision possible.

Part-time, Seasonal, 1099 Workers

Only 23% of part-time workers have access to medical coverage.* We make it easy for employers to connect part-time employees with instant access to federal tax credits and quality health insurance options that may save them thousands of dollars each year. In fact, part-time employees who enroll through GetInsured paid an average premium of just $100 or less.

As the employer, you win too. Offering the added the benefit of health insurance enrollment assistance can help you attract and keep better talent and stay competitive in your market.


Employers of all sizes are quickly recognizing the benefits of moving employee populations from group coverage to an individual exchange offering. The GetInsured Marketplace offers employers choosing to no longer offer group insurance an easy way to contribute to employees while allowing them to purchase in an individual health insurance marketplace. Our HRA calculator allows employees to easily compare tax credits to your employer contribution, so they can make the best financial decision possible when selecting a plan.

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